Notice about the mid-term assessment of international graduate students(2023)

  According to the regulation of UCAS, we now started mid-term assessment. The international students in the following list need to complete mid-term assessment this time: 


  October 12, 2023 — December 25, 2023  

  Assessment Requirements:  

  1.Interim Report of Graduate Dissertation:  

  Mid-term assessment mainly assess the progress of the dissertation, results and findings obtained, existing problems, solving method, the following work plan and details, expected time for dissertation defense and so on. At the same time, the standardization of original experimental records will be checked. The students should write the Interim Report of Graduate Dissertation. After the supervisor’s review and approval, the mid-term assessment can be organized.  

  2.Assessment Process and Requirements:  

  a.The mid-term assessment should be organized by laboratory and carried out in the form of assessment report meeting. Students should provide original record. 

  b. The assessment group should contain more than three professors, including the supervisor (The student should follow the supervisor’s and laboratory’s arrangement). The assessment group write comments and results on the Interim Report of Graduate Dissertation Registration Form. For the students who fail the assessment, they will be allowed to make another proposal report half a year later. Those who still fail the second assessment will be expelled.  

  c.The assessment group should check student’s original record and fill in the Record Examination Form (Attachment 1).  

  Assessment Procedure:  

  See attachment 2 for details. Please read it carefully and follow the procedure.  


  Contact Person: Ms Lv Shiying  

  phone: 010-62523266  E-mail:  

  Education Office, ICCAS  

  October 12, 2023